Hey :D My name is Keyonna and I'm 17 years young, I'm super funny and great at giving advice, I love music, I love the movie grease i'm a bookworm I Live in the bronx, New york. I’m made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. I am nothing special, There’s not much to say except for the simple fact that I am not perfect. I don’t want your opinion on anything. I don’t need your approval about anything. I don’t really expect anyone to understand me, because I don’t quite understand myself. I have a million different opinions but I can usually see everyone’s point of view. I know that I’m still growing, I’m still learning. I can’t fix things without experiencing them first. I can be the sweetest person. Please don’t take advantage of that. I act like a little kid. I skip, blow bubbles, and play on playgrounds. I call everyone Dear, Hun, and Darling. It’s a habit of mine. Just like talking in third person. I hate hurting people, I’m completely human, to my regret. I will speak without thinking, I will act without knowing. I hate feeling alone. I make everything complicated. I hate secrets. It’s taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I question myself. I am quick to judge. I can be a hypocrite. I hate my smile. I’m stubborn I am hard-headed. I will annoy you. I will tick you off. I will say stupid things, and then take them back. Don’t judge me based on your ignorance. I hate being told what to do. I don’t always express my emotions. I am very argumentative. I forget things often. I miss spell words frequently. I am extremely sarcastic. I'm just like you only different. But at the end of the day I like to make jokes and laugh alot.

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